Mobil Rigmor Dahlqvist

I’m drawing because I want to be in the ”drawing room”. The ”drawing room” to me, means the mental room I enter when I have put a paper on the wall and picked up a piece of charcoal or whatever I want to use for drawing. There I am, standing in a stream of images, traces of impressions, traces of experiences, fragments of memories, quiet questions.
It sounds and scrapes when I’m drawing. A shuffling sound when the charcoal meets the paper, the graphite crayon squeaks. I like these sounds and I like to wrestle with materials that gives blackness. Blackness tells me about atillness and focus.
 With the same piece of charcoal or crayon I can find myself talking with something very light and fragile, something which almost has no voice. Talking, drawing, listening, drawing.
In this way, series of drawings appear. I’m always looking forward to these talks!